Why Does Good Food Make You Feel Better

January 7th, 2021

Does it sometimes happen to you that you have had a seemingly perfect day; the meetings have gone well, you’ve spoken to your closest family and friends, gotten a good night of sleep, even had time to go for a run, but something just seems off? Then the realization suddenly dawns on you, that you’ve not had enough to eat, and more so even the little food that you did eat, was not something you enjoyed.

Millennials have come up with a very apt terminology to address this exact feeling, the word quickly gaining traction “Hangry”. “Hangry” is described as an emotion which is felt when one develops an underlying anger due to staying hungry for a while. Now, while most of us will agree not just with the existence, but will accept having felt “hangry” at some point in our lives, the converse of this is equally true. Having a well prepared and healthy meal can act as an instant catalyst for a good mood.

In addition to the above, several researches have shown that popular foods like desserts and ice creams act as rewards to the brain. In fact a more deep and intensive analysis suggests that specific foods can affect the level of happiness and well being an individual experiences.
In the article “The Contribution of Food Consumption to Well-Being”, Holder M.D. suggests that eating breakfast, or consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables have higher correlations to happiness and well being. Some other foods as well, are known to help build happy hormones or “serotonin” in the body that uplift the mood and keep one on a high.

Other foods that are rich in Omega 3, such as salmon are known to cure depression.

Other than these very scientific reasons of food being the reason behind pleasant mood, in general a lot of people consider eating well a good part of a healthy lifestyle. A growing trend among the younger generation is to eat healthy food, explore vegan options, and develop alternatives to meat. Health experts suggest that switching to healthier food options is associated with elevated levels of energy and productivity.

People also experience what is now called the “sugar-high” after eating a dessert or foods high in sugar. In general a lot of people also treat good food as a way of rewarding themselves. Whether the reasons behind it are scientifically explained or not, what we can all agree about is that eating well or eating something that we have been craving for a while put us in a good mood, and makes the rest of the day better. Not just this, in case one takes into consideration the whole process of going out for a meal, that in itself is an experience which is sure to elevate the mood if one is sitting and dining with close family and friends.

In the USA one of the most ordered foods on weekends, that people usually use to treat themselves is pizza. Not just is pizza one of the most popular foods in America, it also has been rated as one of the most ordered foods in restaurants as well as for takeaway. Italian cuisine in general has taken off quite a bit in America and restaurants have tuned the cuisine in a way that American’s like and prefer. Pizza and pasta have both deviated quite a bit to fit the taste palettes of Americans, and clearly this adaptation has worked well for pizzerias since most American’s choose pizza over any other form of food. Pizza in general is also associated with a chilled out and casual vibe and most Americans find it very convenient and at the same time extremely satisfactory to consume pizzas on a casual weekend. It is also closely associated with being a game day food, owing to the hassle free and no plate mode of consumption.

Food places serving America’s favourite foods have therefore remained a favourite in neighbourhoods and stayed in operation for decades at an end. Paul’s Pizzeria has operated in Vernor since 1962. For close to 60 years now, Paul’s has been delivering hot, saucy pizzas to Southwest Detroit, and River rouge. The reason why Paul’s has flourished in the area is because they have combined decadent pizzas along with a good mix of healthy eating options, while keeping in mind the dietary preferences of its patrons thus being a 360 degree eatery that people just love coming back to. From the juicy and crisp broasted chicken meals, to the mouth watering cinnamon bread, to the healthy full range of salads that Paul’s has to offer, the pizzeria has continuously reinvented itself to suit the needs of the people that have been regulars here. Whether you are looking for a quick bite on the go, or you are looking at a full meal for a bunch of people, Paul’s serves and delivers all sized meals. The legendary Paul’s pizza of 15*25 inches is sure to get your party started like no other. This simple, no fuss, and warm eatery has made its customers feel at home with its delicious food and welcoming environment. The traditional brick oven pizza that Paul’s uses is one of the things that is loved about the place since it gives their pizzas a nice crispy crust with a lovely old world flavour to the bread and the topping.

Now whether it might be Paul’s food or the vibe they have, places like Paul’s definitely are one the places that are sure to make you feel better after a long and tiring week, or even if you’ve just had a normal day and want to make it better.