The gift that keeps on giving: leftover pizza!

April 24th, 2022

You may have heard the saying… eyes are bigger than the stomach. This statement becomes a natural law in the world of a pizza lover. At the time of contacting your favorite pizza places in Detroit, it’s hard to make a sensible decision in terms of the right quantity. As soon as you decide Tonight, it’s pizza night!, your mouth is already salivating with anticipation and you have no doubt that you’d be able to eat twenty slices on your own. But after a satisfying dose of Amicci’s delicious pies, you discover that there is a limit to how much cheese you can take in. You look with shame at the neglected slices, waiting for their turn as they cool down in the box. You know it’s not an option to betray your community and throw the leftovers into the bin. Don’t worry! We’re here to make sure you give these slices the attention they deserve. Read on to learn the best course of action when you have leftover pizza.

The (im)perfect crime

When we said that throwing the slices away was not an option, you probably got a bit frustrated that we even had to mention it. Guess what? You’re probably guilty of doing something even worse: leaving your pizza sleeping out in its box overnight.

Pizza and other cooked foods should never be left at room temperature, regardless of whether the room is cold, for more than two hours. Cheese and meat, often starring in your pizza, are quick to expire outside of the fridge. Even if it smells and looks good in the morning, there are high chances that your pizza has acquired a new topping: germs! Food-borne bacteria breeds at temperatures between 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The cardboard box provides no insulation, therefore your pizza slice becomes a great environment to brew pathogenic microbes. These disease-causing microorganisms permeate through your stomach into your intestine and multiply, resulting in a very unpleasant food poisoning.

Keep it cool

To avoid food contamination, you simply have to put your pizza in an airtight container and place it inside of your refrigerator. This way, you have three to four days to relive the joy. A night in the fridge is great to enhance the flavors of pizza for various reasons. First, the flavors merge, especially with garlic, herbs and onions that infuse with cheese and release their aromatic properties. Then, the tomato base oxidizes, which adds a wonderful and intense note on the palate. This tomato layer also reacts by trapping water, preventing the dough from getting soggy, and repelling the fat from the cheese, maintaining the structure of the pizza under control.

That way, when you reheat your pizza, you can add extra toppings (like eggs or fresh herbs) and have a perfectly nutritious breakfast. Fun fact: pizza may not be the healthiest breakfast option, but it has as many calories as a bowl of cereal with whole milk. Actually, many cereals are loaded with sugars and offer no proteins or fats which are necessary for a balanced diet. Pizza, on the other hand, has protein, carbohydrates, maybe some vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins. Plus, it has cheese! Some studies suggest that cheese may be even better than we already give it credit. To the protein, calcium and vitamins now there is evidence of probiotic bacteria with anti-aging properties that support the immune system. Finally, there are research-based opinions about a link between nutrient absorption and enjoyment. This means that your brain supports your pizza cravings!

Upgrade your pizza slices

You can also get creative and elevate your pizza leftovers to a new realm. Cut them into strips and bake them to make pizza fries, or into squares for pizza croutons crisped in a pan. Make pizza sandwiches or burgers by stacking two slices with ham or a patty in the middle, or combine with layers of tomato sauce, ricotta and cheese for pizza lasagna. If you have a waffle or panini maker, try pressing your pizza slices in them!

If, by any chance, you still think that you won’t be able to eat the leftover pizza in the next few days, then you should store it in the freezer instead. We recommend freezing the slices individually, double-wrapped in plastic wrap and covered tightly with aluminum foil, or inside a zipped plastic bag. Follow these steps and you can keep your pizza for one or two months, if you manage to wait that long!

Final words

Next time you order from the best pizza places downtown Detroit, you might even want to get some extra slices and try these ideas. At Amicci’s we’re happy to know you’ll be making the most out of our carefully prepared pies. Just make sure you reheat them properly, following this advice:

  • Remember to thaw out your pizza first. Transfer to the fridge and let it defrost over three to four hours in the protective wrapping.
  • We recommend reheating in a traditional oven. Preheat the oven, spray the pizza with some water and cover with aluminum foil to keep the moisture.
  • Add water to your skillet if you opt for the stove, and cover with a lid. Keep for three to six minutes in medium heat.