A Guide to Different Types of Popular Pizzas in the World

February 6th, 2023

Pizza is a popular dish worldwide, though it originated in Italy. Italian cuisine is famous for offering different types of dishes to the world. Besides pizza, pasta is also famous among food lovers. However, this article will only focus on pizza; pizza lovers will find interesting information on this devious Italian dish.

Different Types of Pizzas

Pizza has a rich history, and people nowadays prepare it differently. Over the years, people have become innovative and picky about adding pizza toppings. If you search for a pizza delivery near me, you will find multiple choices at the pizza store. So, find different types of famous pizzas in the following section.

  1. Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is a classic Italian pizza with a unique taste, flavor, and visual appearance. According to historians, this pizza connects with Queen Margarita. In 1889, the queen visited Naples. The chefs in Naples made Neapolitan pizza to impress the queen.

The dish contains three fundamental ingredients: basil, tomato, and cheese. Since the pizza has a connection with Queen Margarita, it is also called Margarita Pizza. On the other hand, some people also call it classic Iranian pizza. Though orthodox Margarita pizza is a vegetarian pizza, people add chicken and other meats as pizza toppings nowadays.

  1. New York-Style Pizza

It is often said that nothing becomes global until Americans start using and appreciating it. Pizza was invented in Italy, though it gained global recognition thanks to the USA. In the 1900s, pizza became a popular food item in New York. Many restaurants started preparing pizza in their styles, and New York Pizza made an appearance due to such efforts.

New York-style pizza is the first thin-crust pizza, and restaurants in New York prepare it in large sizes. Instead of buying the whole pizza, the buyers purchased one or two slices of the large pizza. The popularity of this pizza did not remain confined to New York City, as the pizza became popular globally.

  1. Chicago-Style Pizza

Chicago, another well-known city in the USA, also takes pride in introducing a unique pizza. Restaurants typically call this a Chicago-style pizza, which looks like a pie. A generous amount of cheese has been used in preparing this pizza.

Buyers will find multiple choices for adding pizza toppings to this pizza. However, some common options are ground beef, sausages, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, etc. Most pizza delivery services let the customers customize the toppings according to their requirements.

  1. Greek pizza

Though it is called Greek pizza, it has nothing to do with Greece. According to the experts, this is another pizza invented in New York City. The specialty of the pizza is that the base is thicker than the bases of other pizzas. You can add choices of meats and vegetables to make the pizza delicious according to your taste.

  1. Sicilian Pizza

If you like classic pizza, Sicilian pizza is an excellent option. Sicily is a small Italian island known for its exotic natural beauty. But the island is also famous for its exquisite foods and beverages. Experts say the Sicilian pizza was invented before Margarita pizza, though some experts disagree with this theory.

The specialty of Sicilian pizza is the shape, which is rectangular instead of circular. The pizza has a thick crust, typically kept a little longer in the oven. Therefore, the pizza crust becomes crispy. You can add minced beef and chicken to the pizza to make it tastier.

  1. Detroit Pizza

Detroit pizza is a popular choice among pizza lovers nowadays. If you want a generous amount of cheese on your pizza, you should try it from the nearest pizza delivery Detroit. The crust of this pizza is crunchy, though restaurants give customers options to customize the crunchiness and thickness of the pizza. You can also customize the toppings according to your taste.

So, these are the types of pizza you can commonly find in restaurants and cafes. Besides the classic pizzas, fusion pizzas have become popular nowadays. The herbs and spices of a region add more flavors to the pizzas. The dish has become popular because it can accommodate unlimited changes and customizations.