Why Are Pizzas the Ultimate Party Food?

August 2nd, 2021

The thing is, pizza is a party in itself. The sight, the smell, and even the word triggers pleasant emotions due to its positive connotations. Just thinking of pizza has the potential to release endorphins when remembering sports events, birthday parties, family gatherings and friend’s reunions around a Southwest Detroit pizza. Memory has a great influence over emotions, and everyone recalls happy moments while sharing a delicious pizza among peers. This carb-packed treat is not only loaded with tasty ingredients, but also with joyful memories that accompany you even when eating pizza alone. Pizza is a comfort food that brings people together and enhances the enjoyment of any reunion. Paul’s Pizza is here to explain what makes pizza the ultimate party food.

The psychology

 A social experiment was conducted to demonstrate the stimulating effects of the smell of pizza. The research tested, through facial recognition and emotion-tracking software, the levels of observable joy in a group of people at a party. The results showed that observable joy was increased by the highest percentage when the smell of pizza entered the room. At lower rates, the levels of joy compared to five minutes after the beginning of the party increased when the pizza was taken out of the oven and when it was finally served. Remember this whenever you organize a celebration. Your guest’s spirits will be lifted as soon as the door opens and the scent of our pizza delivery Detroit joins the party.

The science

Many pizza toppings are packed with glutamate, an amino acid produced in the body and also naturally present in tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni and sausage. This compound stimulates the umami taste perception in the tongue. Umami, meaning

‘essence of deliciousness’ in Japanese, is the fifth basic taste in the mouth that balances and deepens flavors. It is also responsible for making you salivate, which explains the mouth-watering qualities of pizza.

Then, there are two chemical reactions that explain what makes pizza so delicious. The first one is caramelization, which happens when the sugars in food become brown. Caramelized onions and tomatoes, together with the brown, crispy crust are rich, sweet and full of flavor, which excites your brain and stimulates your taste buds. The second reaction is caused by cheese. When we digest the protein called casein that is found in all milk products, it releases casomorphins, which induces the release of endogenous opioids in the brain. Thus pizza simply makes people feel good. A meal that stimulates positive emotions obviously pairs perfectly well with a good party.

The logistics

 Pizza not only cheers up the party guests, but also the hosts who need not worry much about the practicalities of feeding a large group of people. Pizza is a very convenient dish, starting with the fact that you can calculate the amount based on an easy mathematical equation. You can either ask your friends how many portions they expect to eat, or decide on an average of portions per capita and call pizza delivery Detroit to make the order. Besides, its portability allows for large volumes of food to be delivered. To give you an idea of how many pizzas you can order, the Guinness World Records has registered the largest pizza delivery in July 2012, when 30,000 pizzas were sent with a courier to the United States Armed Forces.

Also, pizza brings the cut into cutlery. Reducing dishwashing needs is a huge advantage when hosting a party. When you order pizza, offer some napkins and hide your forks and knives. If anybody complains, you can educate them on the health benefits of eating with their hands. Touching your food allows for your nerve endings on the tips of your fingers to send information to your gut on its temperature and texture. This way, your body can produce the needed enzymes and digestive juices before the food is inside your mouth. Ayurvedic medicine even suggests that the digestive process begins with the first touch, as the fingers themselves contain enzymes.

Pizza can be eaten while standing or sitting, removing the need to confine guests to tables and chairs. This provides a more casual setting for a party which allows the guests to move freely, and the hosts to not worry about moving furniture around. Finally, pizza is easily served. As soon as Southwest Detroit pizza joins the soiree, open the boxes and let people help themselves to a slice.

The demographics

 Everybody likes pizza. This meal is irresistible to all age groups, from picky kids to gourmet seniors. Our pizza delivery Detroit comes in a variety of toppings, guaranteeing that everyone’s preferences can be satisfied. Besides, it is affordable and cost-effective. You can feed large groups with an economic, filling and delicious meal with the lowest chances of any wastage. The odd case of an unfinished pizza surviving the party is nothing but a blessing for true pizza lovers: pizza is also enjoyable cold on the day after.

The conclusion

 Pizza covers all the essential requirements for a good event. It provides sensorial stimulation, enhances the mood and unites people sharing a rather universal interest. Whether you are having a small reunion or a large party, Paul Pizza’s Southwest Detroit pizza is your guest of honour. Delicious, accessible and generously loaded, our pizzas will take your event to a next level. Create a memorable experience for your guests by inviting pizza delivery Detroit. Wherever Paul’s Pizza goes, there is a great party!