The Pizza Theory and Therapy

February 23rd, 2021

When you imagine a cold snowed in night, watching your favorite TV series, as you law down cozy inside your blanket, what is the food you imagine lying on the table? Most likely it is a pizza. Pizza is convenient, it is fuss free and most important of all, it is one the most delicious foods to ever have been invented. What is not to like, crispy baked to perfection dough, cheese, sauce and toppings to the taste of whoever is biting into the slice. It is not very hard to understand why this food has taken the world by storm and has become the sensation in every country. The sheer scope of customization options available for pizza is what makes it a sure shot hit everywhere.

The USA has several favorite variations of the pizza, not just in terms of toppings, but also in terms of dough styles, cheese varieties, and lately in terms of healthy and vegan options for the pizza. If one were to ask any American, they are sure to know the names of any pizza places nearby since it is one of the most ordered foods across America and also one of the most popular foods in America.

So what exactly is it that makes pizza one the most relished and cherished foods, and why exactly has this food gained global popularity?

What makes a good pizza is a perfectly baked dough, a delicious tomato sauce, some classic toppings, and of course cheese!

While there are various crust options available, such as thin crust, deep dish and regular pan pizza, the dough essentially provides a healthy dose of fiber which helps the gut. Cooking preferences depend more or less on the person ordering the pizza. Health enthusiasts have figured out several ways of consuming their favourite foods guilt free. While a thin crust pizza is the most popular option, the recent past has seen upcoming variation material being used as the pizza base, such as cauliflower or a whole wheat crust which enhances the nutritional value of pizza.

Moving on to the sauce, conventional pizza sauce is almost always made from tomatoes, mixed with a few herbs. Not only is the sauce the heart and soul of the pizza, but this tomato based sauce is a rich source of lycopene, which is an antioxidant found in brightly colour fruits, such as tomatoes. This antioxidant helps keep blood pressure under control, and also helps lower cholesterol levels. The sauce is also rich in Vitamin C, which helps boost immunity and keep issues like common cold at bay.

Then come the most important, and most widely evolving part of the pizza, the toppings. While a vegetarian pizza is packed with vegetables with a range of health benefits, especially in one single dish, a non-vegetarian pizza will load one up with proteins. Many studies say that the average human does not complete their daily intake of protein required, therefore, picking out pizza as your choice of food, might not be as insensible as it is made to sound. In fact, a pizza with fresh veggies as toppings is considered to be a much rounded and well balanced meal.

Eating a pizza can help you consume way more veggies versus most foods or meals, since they can be added as toppings to the pizza.

Lastly, the cheese that goes on top of the pizza is a rich source of proteins as well as fat. Not only this, cheese is also a rich source of calcium which helps keep the bones healthy and is again one of the elements a majority of the population is found lacking in.

Aside from these very nutritional benefits of having a pizza, the fact that pizza is one of the most popular foods in America, also means that most people are happy to have a slice as lunch or dinner. Eating foods that one likes, increases the production of serotonin. Serotonin is also known as the happy chemical, helps keep the mood elevated and keep the person feeling elevated.

Therefore, whether you are a health conscious individual or a food loving one, a slice of pizza can be customised to suit your culinary needs and still help you meet whatever your goals might be. It is therefore no surprise that every area has several popular pizza chains functioning in the area for years.

Paul’s Pizzeria in Southwest Detroit is a very popular pizza chain operating since 1962. Their pizzas are made in a classic old world brick oven, which gives their crust a charming flavour and a classic char that people keep coming back for. Paul’s Pizzeria offers an extensive line of pizzas with several crust and toppings options so you can build your pizza to your choice and liking. From vegetarian options, to the classic pepperoni pizza, Paul’s has something for everyone. If you are in the mood of a large party you can also choose Paul’s legendary 15*25 inch pizza which is sure to feed a party of hungry diners.

If you are not in the mood for pizza, Paul’s also serves an extensive menu full of salads, chicken dinners, Italian dinners, burgers and subs. They offer several special combos as well as specials on each day of the week, so that you are never short of options when choosing from their menu. Their most loved and popular dishes are the broasted chicken, the classic pepperoni pizza, and the cinnamon breads.

Not just this, Paul’s Pizza delivers late into the night to satisfy all your midnight cravings for pizza or any classic items on their menu. Over 100 items on their menu can be ordered right to your doorstep at any point during the day, and Paul’s will deliver fresh, hot food to your home.

Therefore the next time you are craving a pizza, whether the healthy one or indulgent one, make sure to order from Paul’s Pizzeria!