Covid and Its Impact on The Michigan Pizza Industry

August 29th, 2020

The unprecedented impact of the CoVID-19 pandemic on public health remains the greatest threat known to humankind, as the whole scientific community rushes to find a solution to this increasingly evolving virus. As the world adapts to a new normal, industries are waking up from hibernation to realize the true impact of this pandemic on business.

The hospitality and restaurant industries across the world have been one of the worst impacted. The restaurant industry in Michigan has lost an estimated 1.2 billion US dollars in the month of April alone, and the losses continue to mount as the disease keeps spreading. An estimate in early March by the National Restaurant Association suggested that across the next three months the industry was set to lose approximately 225 billion US dollars in sales. This combined with measures undertaken by the government to forbid social gatherings as well as fear of the spread is discouraging people from stepping out or being in a closed atmosphere surrounded by people.
These are just estimated losses, while millions of dollars are being lost in terms of job cuts, pay cuts, and layoffs every day as the restaurants in the area continue to do whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling. An estimated 7 million jobs were approximated to be lost between March and June by the NRA.

While the situation seems difficult seeing the current scenario, not all is lost. The Michigan Disease Surveillance System and Vital Records show a recovery percentage of close to 71% in Michigan, which is well above the national average recovery rate of 53%. The declining numbers of newly confirmed cases in the last few weeks offer the much-needed glimmer of hope to the people of Michigan. While it is still too early to comment on the likelihood of another spike, recent trends provide encouraging foresight into a time when things can go back to normal, albeit with caution and adherence to the rules set forward by public safety and welfare. The people of Michigan have as always shown tremendous positivity to emerge on the winning side of this pandemic.

Since the start of the situation, restaurant owners have endeavored to adapt their business models to a doorstep-delivery heavy approach, so that the people of Michigan do not miss out on the comfort of their most familiar and cherished restaurants, despite being confined to their houses. With the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association setting out guidelines for restaurants to resume business, owners are looking forward to the day when they can safely serve food to their patrons once again. All this while, local businesses that have evolved to adjust to a new way of working have been able to sustain business, with some restaurants even reporting a rise in sales.

As we approach the winters, with what seems like the worst behind us, we at Paul’s have kept our business open throughout the pandemic, while immaculately following health and safety precautions within our kitchens and for our employees. We want to stand by the community, like we have since 1981, and ensure we deliver your favorite pepperoni breads and chicken thai pizzas to the comfort of your home within 45 minutes.

In the coming few months, as you tune in to watch the presidential debates, we will remain open and deliver hot, delicious and hygienic pizzas to give you company! Irrespective of which side you’re on, our pizzas will deliver on our promise of a crispy crust, melting cheese and the most delicious sauce.

Till the time we can host you again, stay safe, stay healthy, and see you on the other side Michigan.