Best Drinks to Pair With Your Favorite Pizza

September 28th, 2021

Every time you order pizza delivery Detroit is a special occasion. Whatever the circumstances, pizza constitutes an eventful meal. You may be sad or happy but once your pizza arrives, it sets a new mood. And with all that cheesy and salty goodness, you will surely get thirsty. But the mouth-watering sensation cannot be washed off with plain water. The magnificent display of flavors can only be paired with a drink that is up to the standards. Paul’s Pizza gives you some ideas on which drinks you should consider for your next pizza appointment.


Soft drinks and pizza are the perfect match. Nothing complements a good slice better than a sweet, crisp and refreshing beverage. The saltiness of the cheese blends beautifully with the sweetness of the soft drink, whichever one you choose. Whether you go for a classic dark cola or the sourness of carbonated lime, you will not regret it. There is definitely an emotional trigger related to this combo, as gulping a soda along with a pie probably takes you back to your childhood years. Picture a carbonated stream cascading through a generous amount of ice cubes. A cold effervescent burst in your mouth. As it almost freezes your brain, a hot cheese magma grounds you back.

But there is also a rational explanation as to why these two things go so well together. The carbonation aids in expelling air from your stomach to make extra room for a heavy, caloric meal. Burping will provide a sense of relief that non-fizzy drinks cannot offer, and you quickly regain the motivation to finish any remaining slices. Plus, the acidity in cola drinks can help break down the carbs in pizza, making it easier to swallow. Cola helps neutralize greasy flavors, lemony drinks reset your palate, and ginger ales fight indigestion. If you want something bubbly but do not like the extra sugar, go for sparkling water. You can add a twist by squeezing in a lemon or lime.

To spice it up, you can put some alcohol into your soft drink. Cuba Libre pairs great with pepperoni pizza, and Aperol Spritz will bring a perfect bittersweet contrast to Paul’s pizza roma.


Beer is the traditional accompaniment to pizza for Italians. Although they do not have a broad beer culture as opposed to their wine devotion, they generally choose to escort their beloved pizzas with a light lager. As with soda, the fizziness of beer helps ingest large amounts of pizza and the alcohol content adds a bit of fun to the occasion.

In America, beer and pizza have loyal entourages. Their matching level of intensity is what makes them a good combination. The strong flavor of the grains in hoppy ales blends with the depth of the cheese, while the smokiness of dark beers pairs with meat toppings. The salinity of olives combines with roasted beers, while roasted meats match malty characters. And a tart, sour beer will enhance the taste of any ingredient. If you are ordering pizza delivery Detroit tonight, make sure there is a cold craft beer ready for you in the fridge.


If you want to add some sophistication to your pizza, get a good bottle of wine. This fine beverage pairs well with almost any food. Connoisseurs understand the sometimes subtle differences between the different grapes, and know how to choose their bottle in relation to the selected toppings.

For example, the fat of the pepperoni combined with the strong flavor of the cheese are perfectly counterbalanced by the sweet acidity of a Sangiovese or a Chianti wine. A light dry rosé wine is a good accompaniment for the aromatic notes of a Margherita pizza. Riesling wines will cleanse your palate with their acidity, and their sweetness will enhance the tropical flavor of a Hawaiian pizza. Paul’s pizza roma will highlight the creaminess in a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wine. The latter is also a great fit for toppings such as mushrooms, mixed vegetables and chicken. If you like mushrooms but you prefer red wine, you should consider a New York Sour cocktail.


This one might be somehow controversial. But its fans claim that the creaminess of milk soothes the heat and acidity of the tomato. In fact, many people drink milk with their spaghetti and tomato sauce, as it seemingly relieves heartburn. The velvety consistency contrasts with the saltiness of pizza, while the fattiness neutralizes spicy toppings like pepperoni and chilli flakes.


We have already mentioned a few aperitifs to drink along with your favorite pizza. Yet there are two essential cocktails to include in this list. Although Margaritas are not named after Queen Margherita of Savoy (as is believed to be the case with the Margherita pizza), this fruity beverage is great to cool you down during a summer pizza party. Then we have Negroni, the ultimate Italian cocktail which must be taken into consideration when choosing the best drink to pair with the ultimate Italian dish. This refreshing herbaceous masterpiece is a fantastic partner for the aforementioned classic Margherita pizza.

Final thoughts

There is nothing left to say. In this article, we have given you some unique ideas. Now it is up to you to find your perfect match. The only way to discover the best drink to pair with your favorite Paul’s Pizza choice is to order pizza delivery Detroit several times and do your own experiments. Cheers to you and pizza!